The characteristic and advantages of pneumatic motor

The characteristic of pneumatic motor


1. With high starting torque, it can start directly with load. Start and stop quickly. It can be started with load. Start and stop quickly.


2. The range of power and speed is wide. The power is as small as a few hundred watts, as large as tens of thousands of watts, the rotating speed can range from zero to ten thousand revolutions per minute.


3. The gas motor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, large horsepower, easy operation and convenient maintenance.


4. Using air as medium, there is no difficulty in supply, used air does not need to be treated, and put into the atmosphere pollution-free compressed air can be centralized supply, long-distance transport.


Because of the above characteristics, the gas motor can work in wet, high temperature, high dust and other harsh environment. In addition to being used as power in rock drilling, mining, loading and other equipment in mining machinery, ships, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking and other industries are also widely used.


The advantages of pneumatic motor


The pneumatic motor, compared with the motor which acts the same way, is characterized by its light shell and easy delivery, and because its working medium is air, it does not have to worry about causing fire. Due to the above characteristics, pneumatic motors are widely used in mining machinery, flammable and explosive liquids and pneumatic tools.


(1) It is safe to work, has explosion-proof performance, and is not affected by high temperature and vibration.


(2) The operation can be carried out for a long time, and the temperature rise is small.


(3) The power range and speed range are wide, and the power is as small as several hundred watts, and the power range is as large as tens of thousands of watts. The speed can range from a few to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.


(4) It has high starting torque and can start with load;


(5) It has simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance and low cost.