Matters needing attention of hydraulic Motor

1. The requirements of hydraulic motor selection


1) The hydraulic motor has high efficiency in the middle and high pressure area. While taking into account the working life and power utilization ratio of the motor, the motor should work near the medium voltage as far as possible.


2) The hydraulic motor has high efficiency at medium speed.


3) Reduce the motor displacement and reduce the motor efficiency, especially in the small displacement and low speed region, the efficiency is lower and the working ability is very weak. Only when the motor has a large displacement can the motor work efficiently. When the displacement control of the motor is carried out, the working conditions should be as follows. When the load increases, the motor is large displacement and low speed, and the load reduction is small displacement and high speed. Try to avoid making the motor work at small displacement and low speed, and avoid the minimum displacement ratio of the motor below 0.3.


4) In the actual design process, the motor has the matching relationship with the pump displacement, the displacement of the general motor should be 1.2 1.6 times of the pump displacement, otherwise, there will be faults such as too high system pressure, too large speed fluctuation, too high motor speed, low working efficiency and so on. Generally speaking, the larger the motor displacement, the better, but the larger the motor displacement, the higher the manufacturing cost.


2. Why does the rack that installs the motor have enough stiffness?


When installing the support of the motor, the seat must have sufficient stiffness to bear the reaction force caused by the output torque of the motor. If the stiffness of the frame installed with the motor is insufficient, there will be vibration or deformation, and even accidents will occur, which can not guarantee that the concentric degree of the connection between the drive machine and the motor shaft can be controlled within 0.1 mm.