Matters needing attention in connection between pump motor and hydraulic pump

1. The connection between hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump can be installed with support or flange. Pump and motor should adopt common foundation support, flange and foundation should be rigid enough. The special note is that plunger pumps with flow greater than (or equal to) 160L/min should not be installed on fuel tanks.


2. Elastic coupling should be used between hydraulic pump and prime mover output shaft. It is strictly forbidden to install belt wheel or gear drive hydraulic pump on hydraulic pump shaft. If belt wheel or gear must be connected to pump, a pair of supports should be added to install pulley or gear. The coaxiality error between the bearing and pump shaft should not be greater than Φ 0.05mm.


3. The inlet and outlet of hydraulic pump should be installed firmly and the sealing device should be reliable, otherwise the phenomenon of inhaling air or oil leakage will occur, which will affect the performance of hydraulic pump.


4. The self-suction height of the hydraulic pump is not more than 500mm (or the inlet vacuum does not exceed 0.03MPa). If the oil supply of the oil supply pump is used, the oil supply pressure shall not exceed 0.5 MPa, and when the oil supply pressure exceeds 0.5 MPa, the pressure-resistant sealing ring shall be used instead. In the case of the plunger pump, the reverse-irrigation self-priming mode shall be adopted as much as possible.


5. Check whether the depth of the installation hole is greater than the shaft extension length of the pump before the hydraulic pump is installed, and prevent the jacking phenomenon. Otherwise, the pump will be burnt out.