Inspection of hydraulic cylinder

Daily inspection of hydraulic cylinder


1. Leakage of hydraulic cylinder.


2. Check whether the action state of the hydraulic cylinder is normal.


3. The sound and temperature of the hydraulic cylinder are abnormal.


4. There are no scars and contaminants on the piston rod.


5. The state of the installation position of the hydraulic cylinder is free of looseness, crack, bite, deformation, etc.


Maintenance of hydraulic cylinder


1. The fastening screws shall be regularly tightened except for routine inspection.


2. According to the specific working conditions of hydraulic equipment, replace the seal on a regular basis.


3. Pay attention to the cleaning of the working medium.


4. Monitor and pay attention to the working condition of hydraulic cylinder, and observe working pressure, speed, crawling and vibration.


5. Keep the hydraulic cylinder clean to prevent dust, cotton velvet, dirt and so on from entering the system.


Hydraulic cylinder maintenance


1. If there are scratches on the surface of the piston rod and cause external leakage, the piston rod should be repaired.


2. The surface of the piston rod of the piston rod has a serious corrosion, or when the chromium-plating layer on the surface of the working length of the piston rod is off seriously, the grinding can be carried out first, and then the chromium-plating repair can be carried out.


3. When the dust-proof sealing ring on the piston rod of the piston rod has no dust-proof effect, the dust, chip, sand and the like enter the surface of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, and the sealing element should be replaced.


4. When the bending deformation value of piston rod is more than 20% of the designed value, correction and repair should be carried out.


5. If the leakage in hydraulic cylinder exceeds 3 times of the designed value, the cause of leakage should be checked. If the seal fails, the seal should be replaced. If the clearance of the piston is too large, the piston should be redone for repair.


6. When there is an external leakage at both ends of the hydraulic cylinder, it should be checked. If the seal at the end cover is aging and damaged, the seal should be replaced. If the connecting screw is loose, it should be fastened.


7. When the buffer effect of the buffer hydraulic cylinder is not good, the buffer device must be inspected and repaired.