H shape steel

H shape steel is a kind of economical section high efficiency profile with more optimized cross section area distribution and more reasonable strength to weight ratio, which is named because its section is the same as the English letter "H". Because all parts of H-beam are arranged at right angle, H shape steel has been widely used in all directions because of its strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight.


Application scope of H shape steel: it is mainly used for beams and columns in industrial and civil structures, such as steel structure load-bearing support for industrial structure, steel pile and support structure of underground engineering, structure of industrial equipment of petrochemical industry and electric power, long-span steel bridge members, ship, mechanical manufacturing frame structure, train, automobile, tractor beam support, port conveyor belt and high-speed baffle support


The main materials of H-section steel are Q235B, SM490, SS400, Q345, Q345B and so on.


Structure introduction


H shape steel is a new type of economic building steel. The section of H shape steel is economical and reasonable, the mechanical properties are good, and the extension of each point on the section is more uniform and the internal stress is small during rolling. Compared with ordinary  steel, H shape steel has the advantages of large section modulus, light weight and metal saving, and can reduce the building structure by 30%. Because the inner and outer sides of the legs are parallel, the leg end is right angle, and the assembly is combined into components, which can save welding and riveting up to 25%. It is often used in large buildings (such as factory buildings, high-rise buildings, etc.) that require large capacity and good section stability, as well as bridges, ships, lifting and transportation machinery, equipment foundation, support, foundation pile, etc. Section steel is a kind of economical section steel with better mechanical properties, which is developed by optimizing I-shaped steel, especially the section is the same as the English letter "H".