Factors affecting the Life of hydraulic Motor

1) Bearing wear


The wear of the bearing is the decisive factor affecting the soft life of the motor. The bearings used by the motor are special bearings that carry a specific friction torque under specific operating conditions. For example, the AA2F type oblique shaft axial piston motor bearings are specially manufactured by sweden ina bearing company for rexle and cannot be replaced by non-professional bearings, otherwise the motor cannot work properly and greatly reduce the service life of the motor.


2) Hydraulic oil pollution


The pollution is mainly caused by man-made pollution. When the hydraulic filter core is replaced, the oil in the filter cylinder is not discharged or the oil in the filter cylinder is not discharged, to result in the pollutants in the filter cylinder flowing directly into the tank from the outlet of the filter cylinder. When a particle larger than 10 μm enters the motor, it will cause a scratch on the distribution surface, which will become a groove under the long scour of high pressure oil, which is enough to cause the motor to fail.


3) Operation environment


The operating environment also has an impact on the condition of the hydraulic motor. For example, during a cutting operation, both the host, the tool, and the frame will produce greater vibration, which will cause damage to the hydraulic motor components.


4) Maintenance mode


Any improper maintenance will cause damage to the hydraulic motor. The disassembly and assembly of hydraulic motor are a fine, complex and professional work. Maintenance personnel must carefully read the maintenance instructions of the motor and adjust the clearance of hydrostatic bearings according to the requirements of the rules.