The role of Robots in Industrial Internet

(I) The data base that supports the construction of the industrial Internet.


Industrial data is the key resource element of industrial Internet collection, transmission, storage, analysis and application, and with the in-depth implementation of industrial Internet innovation development strategy, it has been entrusted with a new mission, which has become the basic driving force to promote the upgrading of modern industrial system and to support the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry. The robot deployed in the production and manufacture site can construct the data foundation of the industrial Internet through the large-scale and deep-level industrial data acquisition, as well as the protocol conversion and edge processing of heterogeneous data. It is mainly divided into three ways. First, it can be access to other different devices, systems and products through various means of communication. The second is to realize the normalization and edge integration of multi-source heterogeneous data by protocol conversion technology, and the third is to realize the aggregation and processing of the underlying data with the edge computing function, and to realize the integration of the data into the cloud platform.


(II) Assisting in expanding the "intelligent" utility of the industrial Internet.


Guide the agglomeration of a large number of intelligent elements. As an important part of industrial Internet system, robot carries a large number of related systems, process parameters, software tools, business requirements and manufacturing capabilities of enterprises, guides and links a large number of industrial resources, through interactive cooperation and iterative optimization, to provide the necessary basis for the generation of intelligence and creates the prerequisites for the intelligent development of manufacturing industry.