The robot can help to expand the "intelligence +" of industrial Internet

Industrial Internet is a new national strategic infrastructure to promote high quality development, which has the typical characteristics of wide range, multi-scenario, low delay and high reliability, and needs to focus on investment and long-term return. The construction goal of industrial Internet is to form a full-dimensional coverage around land, sea, air and sky, to connect the virtual world with the physical world, and to provide omni-directional support for human production and life. At present, the industrial Internet is continuously expanding and upgrading on the basis of dual integration and intelligent manufacturing, from the inside to the outside, from serial to parallel, from linear to nonlinear, and further promotes big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G and other new generation of information technology and manufacturing deep integration. The industrial Internet is fully connected to each other through data, labor, technology, capital, market, and so on, supply chain, innovation chain, service chain, logistics chain, financial chain and other full industrial chain are highly cooperative, and from value point-to-point migration to value network symbiosis, from the exchange of commodities to the exchange of information to the full value chain of knowledge and capability exchange, the innovation and reconstruction of the whole value chain, the utility and the efficiency of the tools are greatly improved, the process and mechanism of decision-making are greatly optimized, continuous innovation is characterized by customization, service and integration, which is characterized by mode of production, organizational form and business paradigm, so the accurate docking and real-time matching between the supply side and the demand side are realized, to build digital, network, intelligent new manufacturing system and service system, enabling manufacturing and real economy transformation and upgrading.