The characteristics of gear drive

Gear transmission is a mechanical transmission which uses the teeth of two gears to meshing each other to transfer power and motion. Among all mechanical drives, gear transmission is the most widely used, which can be used to transfer motion and power between two shafts not far from each other. According to the shape of gear, gear transmission can be divided into cylindrical gear drive, bevel gear drive, non-circular gear drive, rack drive and worm drive.


1. It has high efficiency. In the commonly used mechanical transmission, the gear transmission efficiency is the highest, and the closed transmission efficiency is 96% ~99%, which is of great economic significance to the high power transmission, to save time and cost. 


2. The structure is compact, the space size required by the belt and the chain transmission is small. 


3. The transmission ratio is stable, and the transmission ratio stability is often the basic requirement for the transmission performance. Gear transmission is widely used because it has this characteristic.


4. The work is reliable, and the life is long, and the life can be as long as 10 or 20 years, which is incomparable to other mechanical transmission. The design and manufacture are correct and reasonable, and the gear transmission with good maintenance is used. This is particularly important for vehicles and machines working in mines.


But the manufacturing and installation precision of the gear transmission are higher than other machine, the price is high, and the gear transmission is not suitable for occasions where the transmission distance is too large. Therefor, it does not produce a lot.