The change of automobile parts manufacturing technology

The global development trend of automobile supply chain is obvious to all. Due to the globalization of the consumer market, the whole garage is bound to use different means, such as sole proprietorship and joint venture, to enter the global consumption hotspots, and the global layout of the whole garage causes the follow of the parts manufacturers, and this globalization trend has certain challenges to the parts manufacturers.


The global demand trend of supporting market and post-market requires parts manufacturers to meet the ability of global delivery. In order to achieve timely delivery, more consideration needs to be given to shipping issues, and even to the global supply of raw materials.


With the improvement of new energy requirements for automobile safety, comfort and environmental protection, auto parts manufacturing technology has also undergone a number of new changes.


Product environmental protection: strengthen the research of "green car", actively apply new energy, and promote the requirement of energy saving and emission reduction. One of the future projects in Germany's 2020 high-tech strategy is to own millions of electric cars in 2020.


Product electronic intelligence: it has become the general trend of the development of the automobile industry. How to improve the safety and comfort of automobile use through electronic technology has also become a hot spot in the whole industry. Until 2020, the global automobile electronics industry will maintain an average growth of 8.5%.


Information exchange network: under the maturity of 4G/LTE and cloud technology, the information exchange parts in automobile electronic products are becoming more and more modular and universal, in order to cope with the platform strategic product lightweight of the whole automobile factory. The lightweight of automobile parts in the future is actually the lightweight of parts and components, aluminum castings, aluminum-magnesium alloy parts, and a large number of applications of automotive plastic parts will be a trend to develop digitalization.