Frequency conversion motor and ordinary motor

Motor is a kind of electromagnetic device which realizes the energy and transmission of motor according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to produce driving torque as the power source of electricity or machinery.


There are many common motors, and what are the advantages of frequency conversion motors compared with ordinary motors?


First, the variable frequency motor can work at very low frequency and voltage. And it can be started in a way that has no impulse current. Frequency converter can be used to provide a variety of braking methods for rapid braking, to achieve frequent start-up and braking. Because variable frequency motor can achieve more stringent operation and worse operating environment than ordinary motor. Therefore, in the manufacture of frequency conversion motor, it has higher insulation grade than ordinary motor, has forced cooling system (built-in heat dissipation fan), and has stronger mechanical strength in structure, better rotor bearing and longer service life than ordinary motor.


Second, we know that the ordinary motor can only work under the condition of power frequency 50 Hz, if the frequency change range is too large, the motor will be seriously heated or even burned the motor. But the frequency conversion motor can be in the speed range of any speed motor will not be damaged. Under normal conditions, the frequency conversion motor can work continuously in the rated speed range under the condition of full rated load, and the temperature rise of the motor will not exceed the calibration value of the motor.


Third, although the price up-conversion motor is a little more expensive than the ordinary motor, its advantages are very obvious. Adopting the AC speed regulation mode of frequency converter plus frequency conversion motor can greatly improve the degree of mechanical automation and production efficiency. And the soft start function of the frequency converter also reduces the impact of the large current on the power grid when the ordinary motor is started, and also saves more energy than the ordinary motor.


Finally, with the continuous decline of the price of frequency converter and frequency conversion motor, the application of frequency conversion motor will be more and more extensive.