Drive Technology Holland introduces gear-free driving system

Drive Technology Holland has developed a globally patented gearless drive system that can help significantly improve the efficiency and performance of (electric) cars, vehicles, ships, wind turbines, bicycles and machines.


Drive Technology Holland is headquartered in the Eindhoven region. For more than a decade, the technology company has been developing innovative technologies without interruption. The new drive system has now been developed into a prototype. The most important part of the system is the Controlled Rotation System (controlled rotation system (CRS), which supports stepless transmission without the use of gears, chains and oils.


The new system is driven by a toothed belt. This can be done by ordinary toothed belts or by Drive Technology Holland (adaptive belt, using newly developed sliding elements). This makes the new system an alternative to traditional gearboxes that are more compact, lighter, cheaper, easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly.


The new drive system has many advantages and applications. The system ensures that all machines and vehicles that can be applied to them no longer need gears and oil. As a result, resistance is reduced, efficiency can be improved, and the required parts and raw materials are reduced. It is now possible to drive a car according to the circumstances of each wheel. For example, wind turbines no longer need gearboxes, which can reduce resistance and improve efficiency. Applying the system to bicycles can make cycling easier.


The new drive system uses a single axis, contains two adjustable automatic centering conical disks, and can make use of sliding elements. The two conical disks are hydraulic driven and move each other with the help of sliding technology to move the sliding elements up and down. This creates a larger / smaller toothed belt drive cycle, which enables acceleration / deceleration.


After the new drive system made its debut, the invention was incorrectly compared with the traditional drive system, which was still used in the automotive industry 50 years after it was invented. However, the two systems are very different. Harry Essens, director of research and development at Drive Technology Holland, said: "the traditional drive system uses two shafts, while our CRS system uses a single axis. In addition, our system does not drive gears, but is driven by tooth profile, and does not need to use oil, which is very different from the traditional driving system. In fact, we invented a whole new kind of Stepless drive system, but this is an improved version driven by tooth profile. "