Application of Industrial Robot

Robot is not only the key supporting equipment of advanced manufacturing industry, but also an important breakthrough point to improve human life style. Its R & D and industrialization application is an important symbol to measure the development level of scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing in a country. According to the application environment of robot, IFR divides the robot into industrial robot and service robot. Among them, industrial robot refers to the robot used in production process and environment, which mainly includes man-machine cooperative robot and industrial mobile robot, while the service robot is a variety of advanced robots, which are used in non-manufacturing industry and serve human beings, including a A human/ home service robot and a public service robot. The robot is divided into three categories, including industrial robot, service robot and special robot in combination with its own technology and industrial development practice, in which, the industrial robot refers to a multi-joint manipulator or a multi-degree-of-freedom robot facing the industrial field, a stacking robot, a packaging robot, a spraying robot, a cutting robot and a clean room robot. Service robot refers to a variety of advanced robots which provide necessary services to human beings in an unstructured environment, including home service robot, medical service robot and public service robot. Among them, public service robot refers to the robot which provides general service to human beings in agriculture, finance, logistics, education and other public places except medicine. Special robot refers to the robot which replaces human beings in high risk environment and special working condition, including military application robot, extreme operation robot and emergency rescue robot.