Reasons of motor heating

1. Winding short circuit, inter-turn short circuit, interphase short circuit and winding circuit break.


After the insulation between the two adjacent conductors in the winding is damaged, the two conductors collide with each other, which is called short circuit of the winding. A short circuit of a winding that occurs in the same winding is called an inter-turn short circuit. A short circuit between two phase windings is called interphase short circuit. It will increase the current of one or two phases, cause local heating, and cause insulation aging to damage the motor. Winding breakage refers to the fault caused by the breaking or burning of the stator or rotor winding of the motor. Whether it is short circuit or open circuit of winding, it may cause heating or even burning of motor. Therefore, this situation must be stopped immediately after processing.


2. The material leak into the motor, so that the insulation of the motor is reduced, so that the allowable temperature rise of the motor is reduced.


When solid material or dust enters the interior of the motor from the wiring box, it will reach the air gap between the stator and rotor of the motor, causing the motor to sweep the chamber until the insulation of the motor winding is worn out and the motor is damaged or scrapped. If the liquid and gas media leak into the motor, it will directly cause the motor insulation to drop and trip. General liquid and gas leakage takes the following forms.


(1) Leakage of various containers and pipelines, leakage of pump body seal, washing equipment and ground, etc.


(2) After the mechanical oil leakage, it enters the motor through the gap of the front bearing box.


(3) The oil seals such as the speed reducer connected with the motor are worn, the mechanical lubricating oil enters the motor shaft, and after the motor is accumulated, the motor insulating paint is dissolved, so that the insulation performance of the motor can be gradually reduced.