Performance difference of brushless motor and brushless motor

1. The structure of brush motor is simple, the development time is long, and the technology is mature.


When the motor was born in the 19th century, the practical motor was brushless, that is, AC squirrel cage asynchronous motor, which was widely used after AC generation. However, asynchronous motor has many insurmountable defects, so the development of motor technology is slow. In particular, brushless DC motor has been unable to put into commercial operation, with the rapid development of electronic technology, until recent years slowly put into commercial operation, in essence, it still belongs to the category of AC motor.


Not long after the birth of brushless motor, people invented DC brushless motor. Because the DC brush motor mechanism is simple, the production and processing is easy, the maintenance is convenient, and the DC motor is easy to control, the DC motor also has the ability to provide rated torque from zero speed to rated speed, so it has been widely used as soon as it comes out.


2. The DC brush motor has fast response speed and large starting torque.


The DC brush motor has the advantages of fast starting response speed, large starting torque, stable speed, almost no vibration from zero to maximum, and can drive a larger load when starting. The starting resistance of brushless motor is large (inductance), so the power factor is small, the starting torque is relatively small, there is buzzing sound at starting, and accompanied by strong vibration, the driving load is small at starting.


3. The DC brush motor runs smoothly and has a good braking effect.


Brush motor is regulated by voltage regulation, so the starting and braking are stable, and the constant speed is also stable. Brushless motor is usually digital frequency conversion control, first AC into DC, DC into AC, through frequency change to control speed, so brushless motor in starting and braking operation is not stable, vibration is large, only when the speed is constant will be stable.