Other failure modes and countermeasures of rolling bearings

1. Wear and tear


Wear failure refers to the failure caused by the relative sliding friction between the surfaces resulting in the continuous wear of their working surface metals. The main factors causing wear failure are lubricant failure or lack of lubricant, lubrication is wrong, abrasive particles into the bearing inside, too much load, etc.


The solution can improve the lubricant or improve the lubrication method, strengthen the sealing mechanism and so on.


2. Raceway inclined spalling


The inclined peeling ring belt on the bearing working face shows that the bearing works in the inclined state, and when the inclination angle reaches or exceeds the critical state, it is easy to form abnormal sharp wear and spalling in the early stage. The main reasons are poor installation, deflection of shaft, low accuracy of journal and shell hole, and so on.


The countermeasures are taken to ensure the installation quality of bearings and improve the axial runout accuracy of shoulder and hole shoulders, or to improve the viscosity of lubricating oil in order to obtain thicker lubricating oil film.


3. Current corrosion


The so-called electric erosion refers to the local melting and concave and convex phenomenon when the current flows through the thin lubricating oil film when the current flows in the contact part of the bearing ring and the rolling body in rotation. The main causes of current corrosion are the potential difference between the outer ring and the inner ring and the action of static electricity.


The solution is when setting the circuit, the current does not pass through the bearing, insulation of the bearing, electrostatic grounding.