Other common failure modes and countermeasures of rolling bearings

1. Bruises


The so-called abrasion is the surface damage that occurs on the raceway surface and on the rolling surface with the aggregation of tiny burns caused by the skid of the rolling and the thermal crack of the oil film, to produce a rough surface with adhesion. The main causes of abrasion are high-speed light load, rapid acceleration and deceleration, improper lubricant, water intrusion and so on.


The solutions ways are to improve preloading, improve bearing clearance, use lubricant with good oil film, improve lubrication method, and improve sealing device, etc.


2. Indentation


When the metal powder or foreign body is bitten, the indentation on the raceway surface or rotating surface or due to the impact of installation, and the concave surface (Brinell hardness indentation) is formed at the spacing of the rolling body. The main factors causing indentation are metal powder and other foreign bodies bite, assembly or transportation process subjected to excessive impact load and so on.


Correct the selection of bearings by improving lubricant and lubrication methods, research and coordination, bearing clearance and preloading, improve sealing device, check the accuracy of shaft and bearing box or improve the installation method to solve the problem.


3. Burn


The raceway, the rolling body, and the cage are rapidly heated in rotation until discolored, softened, deposited, and damaged. The causes of the burn are poor lubrication, excessive load (too large preloading), excessive rotational speed, too small clearance, water, invasion of foreign bodies, poor accuracy of shaft, bearing box, large deflection of shaft, etc.


It can be solved by improving lubricant and lubrication method, correcting bearing selection, studying coordination, bearing clearance and preloading, improving sealing device, checking the accuracy of shaft and bearing box or improving installation method.