Failure modes and countermeasures of rolling bearings - rust corrosion

The rust and corrosion of bearings include raceway, pit rust on the surface of rolling body, overall rust and corrosion. The rust and corrosion of bearings will cause ring, pit rust on the surface of rolling body, pear skin rust and pit rust with the same interval between rolling bodies. There are many reasons for rust corrosion failure of rolling bearings, such as the invasion of water, corrosive substances (paint, gas, etc.), unsuitable lubricant, water droplets due to the condensation of water vapor, stopping at high temperature and humidity, poor rust prevention in the process of transportation, inappropriate storage state, inappropriate use and so on.


The solutions include improving the sealing device, study the lubrication method, preventing rust when stopping, improving the storage method, and paying attention to it when used.


In addition to the above common failure forms, there are still many failure forms in the actual operation of rolling bearings, which need to be further analyzed and studied.


To sum up, from the common failure mechanism and failure mode of bearings, it can be seen that although rolling bearings are precise and reliable mechanism foundation, improper use will also lead to early failure.


In general, if the bearing can be used correctly, the fatigue life can be used. The early failure of the bearing has many factors, such as the manufacturing precision, the installation quality, the service condition, the lubrication effect, the external foreign matter invasion, the thermal influence and the host burst failure.


Therefore, the correct and reasonable use of bearings is a systematic project. In the process of bearing structure design, manufacture and installation, corresponding measures can be taken to improve the service life of bearings and mainframes in the process of early failure.