Three misunderstandings of variable frequency motor

Variable frequency speed regulation motor, abbreviated as frequency conversion motor, is the general name of frequency converter driven motor. In fact, the motor designed for frequency converter is a special frequency conversion motor, which can realize different speed and torque under the drive of frequency converter to adapt to the change of load demand. The frequency conversion motor is developed from the traditional squirrel cage motor. The traditional motor fan is changed into an independent fan, and the insulation performance of the motor winding is improved. In the case of low power and frequency, such as low power and frequency, ordinary squirrel cage motor can be used instead of ordinary squirrel cage motor.


1. Frequency conversion is energy saving.


Frequency conversion is more energy-consuming. The process of frequency conversion is to change AC IGBT into approximate DC AC with various frequencies to form a new AC. In this rough process, there is a lot of energy loss in the middle. However, in some cases, the electricity saved after frequency conversion is larger or even much larger than the loss of frequency conversion, so, only in this way, frequency conversion motor is energy saving.


2. Frequency conversion motor, it is a lot more expensive.


Frequency conversion motor is divided into many kinds, and ordinary motor can be used as frequency conversion motor. Under the requirements of the new national standard, IE2, IE3 high efficiency ordinary motor, their insulation grade is greatly improved. In fact, the general fan and pump frequency conversion in the 30hz-60hz range of speed regulation, and the ordinary high efficiency motor can be completely. In fact, this kind of application, many manufacturers so-called frequency conversion motor, on the basis of meeting the requirements, and just switch to a nameplate.


3. Frequency conversion is simple, whatever energy saving.


Under the requirement of frequency conversion, there are more factors to be considered, and the specific application needs different requirements of frequency conversion motor. For example, the variable frequency motor of lifting needs energy feedback in order to save energy, the frequency conversion motor of transmission needs to be more suitable for the whole calculation of frequency converter, and so on. In a word, frequency conversion motor itself is a large category of motor, in some cases, frequency conversion can save a lot of energy. And unnecessary occasions, such as 24 hours and 300 days of power frequency motor, do not need it at all. More efficient motor is its optimal solution.