The other methods of engine maintenance

Regular cleaning and replacement of air filter elements


The engine needs to inhale a large amount of air in its work. If the air enters the engine without filtering, the particulate dust in the air will accelerate the wear of the piston group and cylinder. Therefore, the air filter core is a very important part of the engine intake system. According to different use conditions, the air filter core should be cleaned or replaced regularly.


Clean air filter can be blown from the inside to the outside with high pressure air, blowing out the dust in the filter. Because the air filter core is paper, we should pay attention to the pressure of the air when blowing, so as not to damage the filter core. The air filter core should be replaced after 3 times cleaning, and the cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality of the daily driving area.


In addition, the position of the air filter core is low, in the rainy season, attention should be paid to prevent the air filter core from entering the water, resulting in unnecessary losses.


Don't blindly remove the thermostats


Most drivers know that the engine temperature is afraid of high, but few drivers know that the engine temperature is also very harmful when the engine temperature is low. Some drivers will even blindly dismantle the thermostats because of the high engine temperature, so that the coolant can only carry out large cycle and can not adjust the cooling intensity, and it is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more suitable temperature, on the contrary, the engine often works at low temperature, resulting in the decrease of engine power, the acceleration of wear and the increase of fuel consumption.


The correct practice should be carried out according to the normal temperature specified in the vehicle instructions in order to ensure the service life of the engine.


When doing maintenance and replacement work, we must turn off the engine, to ensure that the engine at room temperature to prevent scald.


There must be a reason for the high fever of the engine. The big problems are often accumulated by small faults. Regular maintenance of the engine has a very positive impact on prolonging the service life of the vehicle.