The methods of engine maintenance

The engine is like the heart of the heavy truck, which is the key component of the healthy operation of the heavy truck. However, due to the widespread neglect of maintenance in the transport industry, the engine has become the most frequently faulty part of the heavy truck. Experienced auto repairmen know that the vehicle failure caused by poor engine maintenance can reach almost half of the total fault, especially in summer, dry season and rainy season are more common, humidity and dust alternation, so it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the engine to ensure the stability of the vehicle performance.


Looking at the hot summer "prosperity", many drivers worry that the engine will suddenly "high fever", learning these maintenance tips, to keep your engine away from failure this summer.


Regular replacement of engine oil


The engine oil has a certain service life. If the engine oil continues to be used beyond the service life, the deterioration of the engine oil will be faster and faster, which will not only increase the fuel consumption, but also shorten the service life of the engine.


In addition, the liquid evaporates quickly in summer, so it is necessary to check the engine fuel regularly. According to the engine specification, the recommended oil dosage of CURSOR 9 is 25 ±27L, and that of cursor 11 and CURSOR 13 is 27o29L. The oil level can be located on the middle line. Do not run the engine when the liquid level is lower than the status mark or higher than the high mark, otherwise it will cause the engine performance to decline or damage.


Replacement of oil filter core on a regular basis


When the engine oil passes through the oil filter core, it is easy to store the solid particles and viscous matter in the filter, which will cause blockage and speed up the wear and tear of the engine.


To replace the oil filter core, first discharge the oil, then loosen and remove the oil filter core, carefully clean the contact part of the bearing surface with the sealing ring, clean, apply a thin layer of oil on the new filter core sealing ring, and screw the new filter core in place after wetting the sealing ring.