The change of research and manufacturing of automobile

Redesign of automobile structure: the research and development of electric vehicles replaced the traditional engine, and the whole structure of the car has undergone major changes. The motor can be loaded into the hub, the battery is connected by wire, and the traditional engine system and transmission system are not needed, but the vehicle communication, audio and video system and so on are replaced by the motor.


The manufacture of complex components: automobile lightweight can not only be realized by using light materials, but also can reduce the weight from the design of complex components.


Private customization: under the premise of ensuring the necessary function, the appearance and personality demand of automobile are paid attention to by consumers, and it is also a favorable weapon to compete for the market, so private customization is also one of the key directions of automobile manufacturing.


Advantages of 3D Printing Technology


Shorten the research and development cycle, reduce the R & D cost: the application of 3D printing in the future automobile research and development stage is not only the trial production of a single component, but the structure and layout of the whole car. No one knows what the future car will look like, who can occupy the commanding point of 3D printing technology, who can use the lowest R & D cost, constantly bringing forth new ideas and quickly occupying the market.


Powerful weapon of automobile lightweight: in the past, automobile lightweight paid more attention to the choice of light materials, which was difficult to write from the structure because of the limitation of production technology, and 3D printing technology broke this bottleneck limit. The 3D printing has its unique advantages in the production of porous, cavity and complex structure parts, which opens up a new development direction for automobile lightweight.


Personalized design: 3D printing does not need the traditional mold design and manufacturing process, but only CAD design graphics, so you can use not too high cost to meet the personalized needs of different customers, these personalized designs include models, car ornaments and so on.


Spare parts supply: the supply of 3D printing parts is still one of the important development directions of the automobile industry in the future. different from the past, after 3D printing technology matures day by day, 3D printing can provide more and more parts. In the future, in the whole parts supply chain, especially in the models that have stopped production, there may no longer be the storage of physical parts, but as long as the relevant data of each part is retained. You can print when you need it.