Solution of hydraulic high temperature of excavator

First of all, we should analyze and deal with the hydraulic high temperature fault judgment of excavator according to the methods from simple to complex, from external to internal, from intuitionistic to detection. The steps of fault analysis and treatment are as follows.


1. First, check whether the hydraulic oil radiator is too dirty, check hydraulic oil level and oil quality, and check the filter core. If there are problems, we should be cleaned and replaced in time.


2. Check whether there are many leakage places in the hydraulic system, if there are multiple oil spills, the sealed and damaged parts should be replaced in time.


3. Use multimeter to check circuit problems and sensor damage, and use temperature direct sensor to test whether the actual hydraulic oil temperature is too high. The normal hydraulic oil temperature is 40 degrees 60 degrees, and summer can reach 60 degrees 80 degrees, so 90 degrees is a high temperature phenomenon.


4. The above inspection is normal, the return oil one-way valve of the hydraulic system should be checked, the spring should be disassembled and checked whether the spring is broken, the plug and other problems appear, and there are problems that need to be cleaned or replaced.


5. Check whether the excavator hydraulic pump has abnormal noise and whether the discharge oil quantity of the oil discharge pipeline is too much, and whether the working pressure is too low, the working pressure of the system can be tested by pressure gauge.


6. If the above inspection is the normal standard, we should check the engine power problem such as supercharger, high pressure pump, injector and so on.