Safety matters needing attention in bulldozer operation

1. Soil heaps should not be buried in structures and facilities, such as water supply gate wells, fire hydrants, roadside ditches, rain sewage wells and control piles set up by surveyors. If soil must be pushed, certain protective measures should be taken in consultation with the relevant personnel before construction.


2. The slope of the bulldozer should not be more than 300 when the bulldozer goes up and down the slope, and the transverse slope should not be more than 100 when working on the transverse slope. For downhill, it is advisable to use backward downhill to strictly prohibit the sliding of the gap, and if necessary, the blade can be put down as auxiliary braking.


3. When working on a steep slope and a high ridge, a special person must be set up to direct the shovel beyond the edge of the slope. When the soil delivery terminates, it should be replaced with the reverse gear before lifting the knife to reverse the car.


4. When the trench of the vertical slope is operated, the groove depth should not exceed 2 m for the large bulldozer and 1.5 m for the small bulldozer, and the blade of the bulldozer shall not push the stones or large soil blocks above the fuselage on the wall of the slope.


5. The pile of soil on one or both sides of the ditch should be 1 meter away from the edge of the ditch (the height of the pile should not exceed 1.5 meters from the edge of the ditch in the soft soil area), and the top of the pile should make a flowing slope to the outside, and consideration should also be given to leaving out the on-site sidewalk for construction and safety. The amount of soil on each side can be determined according to the site situation, but the construction safety must be guaranteed.


6. When picking and unloading the blade, the bulldozer must consider the convenience of the next installation, the auxiliary staff should cooperate closely with the driver when picking the blade, wear canvas gloves when piercing the wire rope, and strictly forbid peeping the eyes near the rope hole.


7. Bulldozer is prohibited to remove big trees, demolish old buildings or remove broken walls.