Problems in the development of Reducer Industry

The development of agricultural machinery industry can not be separated from reducer, and reducer is widely used in agricultural machinery industry. With the increasing competition in agricultural machinery reducer industry, domestic excellent agricultural machinery reducer production enterprises pay more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially the in-depth study of the development environment of enterprises and the change of customer demand trend. Therefore, a number of domestic excellent agricultural machinery reducer manufacturing enterprises rise rapidly, and gradually become the leader in the agricultural machinery reducer industry.


However, there are still many problems in the agricultural machinery reducer industry in our country. Most of the reducer production enterprises have a small proportion of investment in R & D products, and the good and bad are also intermingled in product quality. With the increasingly fierce homogenization competition of reducer products, some reducer production enterprises are very focused on the immediate interests, only fighting over the supply share, neglecting the investment in product technology research and development, to make the product run in a low-end state for a long time. The failure rate is high, the cost of three packages is large, the operating cost is increased, and the profit space is gradually oppressed, so that the enterprise R & D, new materials, new design, new technology can not be fully obtained, the products on the whole supply chain have been in an old and tired state for a long time, and the product technology and brand quality are difficult to be greatly broken through and improved.


In order to obtain orders from agricultural machinery enterprises, some reducer manufacturers reduce prices, or do loss-making sales as a temptation to disrupt the market, so the reducer industry has a very bad impact. This kind of unfair competition makes the excellent reducer enterprise overburden. In order to have living space, some excellent reducer enterprises have to reduce the use of materials and product configuration, so that the quality of the product can not be effectively guaranteed and improved, in exchange for affecting the overall performance of agricultural machinery and equipment.