Opportunities and challenges of China's Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Although 3D printing technology has not developed for a long time, the speed of development is amazing, and its application in automobile manufacturing industry is becoming more and more extensive. This situation will have an impact on China's automobile manufacturing industry.


1. Development opportunities of China's Automobile Manufacturing Industry


At present, in the eyes of ordinary consumers, domestic cars are generally in the lower end of the market, and its performance and brand influence is far less than that of imported automobile brands, in the traditional production process conditions, domestic cars have been in a catch-up position. In the new situation, the global automobile enterprises are facing the transformation and upgrading, just in time with the application of 3D printing technology, the automobile production enterprises all over the world have been pulled to the same starting line. In 3D printing technology, China is in the forefront of the world, some technologies are still in the leading level in the world. In the face of the new situation, and Chinese enterprises still seem to be in a dominant position. Seizing this opportunity and giving full play to the advantages of 3D printing technology Potential, to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, we will be expected to achieve their own world brand in the near future.


2. Challenges faced by China's Automobile Manufacturing Industry


When facing new development opportunities, Chinese car enterprises are also facing great challenges. On the one hand, we are relatively backward in the traditional automobile manufacturing industry, even on the same starting line, the opponent is also strong; on the other hand, and there are some potential risks in the application of any new technology, such as the compatibility, applicability, product reliability and adaptability of the new technology to the new technology, which will affect the development of the whole industry. Therefore, the challenges faced by Chinese car companies should not be underestimated.