Knowledge of safe operation of bulldozer

1. The operator must hold a license to take up his post, strictly prohibiting the operation of non-professional drivers. We should not leave his post without permission at work and should not operate machinery that does not conform to the operation certificate. It is strictly prohibited to hand over machinery and equipment to personnel without his own type of operation license, and it is strictly prohibited to operate after drinking.


2. Check whether lubricating oil, fuel oil and water are sufficient before each operation, whether all kinds of instruments are normal, whether the transmission system and the working device are in good condition, and there is no leakage phenomenon in hydraulic system and pipeline, etc. After confirming that it is normal, it can not be started.


3. The operator must strictly implement the inspection system before work and the inspection and maintenance system after work in accordance with the instructions of the bulldozer.


4. The cab or operating room should be kept clean and tidy, with no storage of flammable, explosive, articles, no wearing slippers, smoking and drink work, no mechanical belt malfunction or overload operation.


5. When the mechanical equipment is parked at the construction site, the safe parking place should be selected, the cab (operating room) door should be locked, and the parking brake should be pulled up, when parking on the ramp, triangular wood or stones should be used against the wheel. At night, there should be a special person to take care of the wheel.


6. For water-cooled machinery, when the temperature is below 0, water should be discharged in time after work, or other antifreeze measures should be taken to prevent freezing and cracking of the body.


7. During the construction, the underground obstacles on the spot must be marked first, and a special person must be assigned to direct the construction of the machinery to ensure the safety of the underground obstacles and machinery and equipment.


8. During the operation period, non-construction personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the construction area, and construction personnel entering the construction site are strictly prohibited from chasing and fighting.


When people and machines cooperate with the construction, personnel are not allowed to stand on the working face in front of the machinery, and must stand outside the mechanical working face, when the roller compaction needs to manually clean up the dirt on the wheel, and manual cleaning should be done behind the roller, strictly prohibiting the backward cleaning along the direction of the roller to prevent personal injury and death accidents when tripping back.