Four methods for judging the intake of excavator oil

1. By observing the appearance of the oil of the excavator, it is easy to determine whether the oil contains moisture by color. The water-free oil shows a translucent oil bright color, while the water-containing oil shows an opaque brown or khaki color.


2. Check if there is oil in the coolant of the excavator. If some parts of the engine are damaged, the engine coolant will enter the lubrication system and blend in with the oil, and the infiltrated oil will also be found in the tank coolant, which can easily be identified.


3. If the engine oil enters water, it will react with the coolant at high temperature to form emulsion. Check the oil ruler to find that it is white and accompanied by foam.


When the oil of the excavator contains a lot of moisture, the oil level of the oil will rise. At this time, we can simply judge the level of oil ruler.


For the oil inlet fault of excavator, we can judge whether the oil is influent or through the appearance color of the oil, the oil level height of the oil, the observation of the oil coolant and so on. When the engine enters water, do not start the engine twice, because it needs a professional maintenance worker to clean up the internal water of the engine, then check from the oil radiator, water blockage, cylinder seal ring, cylinder liner, cylinder pad and other aspects to determine the reasons for the oil intake.