Finding the power in the pressure

It is worth noting that in this year, having been affected by the automobile industry, the economic operation of the mechanical industry has suffered a certain pressure, although the main index is still in a reasonable interval, the severity of the economy is more than expected at the beginning of the year.


"The weakness of the market and the lack of demand have been a problem that has been perplexing the development of the machinery industry for a period of time." Because insufficient order volume production is not prosperous, the industry capacity utilization rate has declined, coupled with high cost pressure, and price transmission is difficult to cause low efficiency of enterprises.


The operation trend index of machinery industry in June is 98.24, which has been below the critical value for the fourth month in a row, indicating that there will still be downward pressure on the operation of the industry in the future. At the same time, positive factors are also accumulating, macroeconomic policies have increased support for manufacturing, industrial policies have been gradually implemented, enterprise confidence has begun to pick up, and the whole industry will continue to move towards high-quality development after adjustment.


In the second half of the year, with the implementation of policy measures such as tapping the potential of the domestic market, expanding and expanding final consumption, stabilizing manufacturing investment, improving the basic capacity of the industry and the level of the industrial chain, as well as the implementation of the policy of reducing taxes and fees, the economic operating environment of the machinery industry will be improved, and the vitality of enterprise development will be further released.


The whole industry of the machinery industry will resolutely implement the strategic deployment of the central government, adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress in a steady manner, take the overall task of implementing the 13th five-year Plan industry development as the guide, focus on the long term, strengthen the industrial foundation, optimize the industrial structure, promote the transformation of the old and new kinetic energy of the industry, and lay a solid foundation for high-quality development.