Prospect of domestic fluid Power market

Fluid power industry is an important part of the real economy, and the real economy is the foundation of the country. Only by sticking to industry can we stand up to the backbone of the national economy. The fluid exhibition held by major cities has become one of the important ways to develop the fluid power industry. Every year, a large number of top technical personnel from the fluid power industry gather here, and can also promote the exchange and cooperation of domestic and foreign fluid companies.


At present, the development trend of China's hydrodynamic industry is slow and stable and stable, but the stability is difficult, the overall trend is still good, and the opportunity is greater than the challenge. Only innovation and entrepreneurship can adapt to the new normal of industry development. Innovation and entrepreneurship will play a decisive role in the future of the hydrodynamic industry, and it will help the industry reappear the sustainable development status.


Fluid industry innovation and entrepreneurship is very lonely, and the core lies in value creation.  Do not engage in peer competition, to promote misplaced competition, innovation and entrepreneurship must persist, so that patience, foresight and persistence can become the norm.


China is in a good period of industrialization, urbanization, informatization and agricultural modernization, and new growth points and new markets have emerged and are emerging. In today's international manufacturing industry, whether it is the "return to manufacturing industry, vigorously develop artificial intelligence and robot technology" proposed by the United States, the "new industrial revolution" put forward by the European Union, and China's push for "made in China 2025", all of which provide new development space and opportunities for the fluid power industry. Today's fluid power industry is still a sunrise industry as long as it sets foot in the times. Because only backward technology, no backward industries, as long as the current development The danger of the exhibition has become an opportunity for long-term development.


Fluid transmission industry is an important part of the world economy, and its prosperity originates from the universal participation in the innovation process of industrial scholars. Mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation, the activation of every cell in the whole industry, the whole industry will be full of vitality, and fluid exhibition is this activation hub, through which the entire fluid industry will be connected together, and then converge into a huge driving force.