Other damage of bearings

1. Ring fracture


Ring fracture failure is rare, which usually caused by sudden overload. The causes are complex, such as bearing raw material defects (bubble shrinkage), forging defects (overburning), heat treatment defects (overheating), machining defects (local burns or surface microcracks), main engine defects (poor installation, poor lubrication, instantaneous overload) and so on. It is possible to break the ring under overload shock load or severe vibration.


The countermeasures are to avoid overload impact load, select appropriate interference, improve installation accuracy, improve operating conditions and strengthen quality control in bearing manufacturing process.


2. Stuck injury


The stuck injury is caused by the summary of small burns, which caused by the damage on the sliding surface, such as the linear scar of a square sentence around a rolling surface, the cycloid scar of the roller end face and the jam injury near the shaft ring surface of the roller end face.


The main causes of jam injury are excessive load, excessive preloading, poor lubrication, foreign body bite, tilt of inner ring outer ring, deflection of shaft, poor accuracy of bearing box and so on.


It can be solved by proper preloading, improving lubricant and lubrication method, and improving the accuracy of shaft and bearing box.


3. Wear and tear


Wear failure refers to the failure caused by the continuous wear of metal on the working surface caused by the relative sliding friction between the surfaces. The main factors causing wear failure are lubricant failure or lack of lubricant, wrong lubrication mode, abrasive particles entering the bearing, excessive load and so on.


The solution can improve the lubricant or improve the lubrication method, strengthen the sealing mechanism and so on.