Future Trend of Aeronautical Parts Manufacturing Industry

At present, the development of aviation industry has been highly valued and widely concerned. The state has listed aviation equipment in the key direction of strategic emerging industries, and is implementing major projects for large aircraft, which will promote the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry. At the same time, the modernization of national defense provides a broad market space for the development of civil aviation industry, especially the reform of airspace management and the acceleration of the opening up of low-altitude airspace, which brings new market opportunities for the development of general aircraft.


Cost will also be an important consideration for the future development of the industry. In the past few decades, airlines have paid little attention to costs, because flight safety is a top priority that must be ensured at all costs. But with the beginning of globalization and the rapid growth of cheap air travel, the era of cost-neutral has come to an end. The aviation industry is gradually recognizing that, while flight safety is the most important factor, it should also be achieved at a lower cost that can be borne.


This has brought huge pricing pressure to aircraft manufacturers and parts suppliers, and companies are eager to learn from the experience of other industries, especially the automobile manufacturing industry, the biggest challenge of which is to compete with low-cost Asian manufacturers. To achieve this goal, it is a challenge for parts manufacturers, but also let many companies come to the parts manufacturing exhibition to seek new business opportunities, hoping to meet more possibilities here.