Four typical "AR industry" scenarios

Different from the previous industrial data usage, AR provides a new way to superimpose the information on the real equipment through the model, graphics and text, so as to change the current situation that the original information is separated from the actual operation and can not be completely corresponding. Through the AR system, the training and remote communication can be transferred to the front line of the industry, and the operation scene can be digitized, information and intelligent, which can improve the work efficiency and reduce the cost in the industrial scene. The AR of the bright wind platform is playing such a role in strengthening the existing manufacturing system, and constantly deepening, mining out the recognized typical scenarios.


AR training guidance


Creating ubiquitous "AR virtual coach", service training guidance, training assessment, operation assistance and other scenes, to achieve visualization, scene, interactive industrial training guidance.


AR operation control


Recording the work flow, operation steps, workmanship and so on of the staff through the first angle of view of AR smart glasses, and the intelligent analysis system can be used to detect whether it conforms to the safety specification and improve the operation standard.


Remote cooperation and communication


Through the first perspective of AR glasses, operators can synchronize the field situation with business experts, multi-party remote consultation, diagnose positioning problems, and guide field operators to investigate potential fault points and realize remote cooperation.