Damage caused by incorrect use of bearings

1. The unilateral limit position of the channel is peeled off.


The flaking of the unilateral limit position of the channel is mainly manifested in the serious peeling ring zone at the junction of the channel and the baffle edge. The reason is that the bearing is not installed in place or sudden axial overload during operation.


The countermeasures are to ensure that the bearing is installed in place or that the outer ring fit of the free side bearing is changed to the clearance fit, so that the bearing can be compensated when the bearing is overloaded.


If it is not possible to ensure that the installation is in place, the oil film thickness of the lubricant can be increased (increasing the viscosity of the lubricant), or the load of the bearing can be reduced to reduce the direct contact of the bearing.


3. The raceway is sloping and peeling off.


The inclined peeling ring belt on the bearing working face shows that the bearing works in the inclined state, and when the inclination angle reaches or exceeds the critical state, it is easy to form abnormal sharp wear and spalling in the early stage. The main reasons are poor installation, deflection of shaft, low accuracy of journal and shell hole, and so on.


The countermeasures are taken to ensure the installation quality of bearings and improve the axial runout accuracy of shoulder and hole shoulders, or to improve the viscosity of lubricating oil in order to obtain thicker lubricating oil film.