The present situation of automobile parts market

The output value of China's auto parts industry is more than 3 trillion. However, the ratio of zero to integral output value is still much lower than that of mature countries in the automobile industry chain, and there is still room for improvement in the future. The number of Chinese auto parts enterprises is large, small and scattered, and it has gradually become a trend to bring together domestic parts and components enterprises. However, in order to promote the communication and exchange of these parts and components enterprises, the parts exhibition has been favored by the major parts enterprises in order to promote the communication and communication of these parts and components enterprises.


German, Japanese and American parts and components enterprises dominate the Chinese market through sole proprietorship and joint ventures. Chinese enterprises as a whole are mainly medium and low value-added products, but in recent years, Chinese enterprises began to break through the core products step by step. The rise of independent brands and overseas mergers and acquisitions to undertake industrial transfer provide opportunities for the development of China's parts and components enterprises. In 2016, the share of independent brands in China's passenger car market reached a new high, and the demand for independent brands to establish their own parts system will be accompanied by the rise of a number of independent core parts and components enterprises. In addition, due to cost considerations, foreign-funded parts and components enterprises sell their business, but also for domestic parts and components enterprises. It provides a good opportunity to undertake the global industrial transfer.