The present situation in the market of automobile parts

In 1999, the total supply and demand of spare parts in the country was RMB70 billion, and the total demand for imported auto parts was nearly $700 million, and the growth rate would be 11% - 20% per year. China's auto parts market is quickly dependent on the efforts of domestic industry personnel, and at the same time, it is constantly drawing advanced experience from some developed countries abroad. In order to promote the education and communication of talents in domestic and foreign spare parts industry, various forms of spare parts exhibition will be held in China.


However, many people only see the development speed of China's auto parts industry, but ignore the problems implied in the spare parts industry. If these problems are not solved, even if China's market is big and prosperous, it will gradually be encroached upon by the foreign market, which is unable to form a truly independent and complete domestic spare parts market and do not continue to expand abroad.


The degree of product standardization, serialization and universality is low, the awareness of enterprise brand management is poor, and the degree of product standardization is low. Because the main models of Chinese automobile, especially passenger cars, come from different countries, different companies, and the standards and series of products are different, which brings great difficulties to the standardization, serialization and universality of auto parts products, seriously restricts the progress and development of the parts industry, and even affects the communication of enterprises in spare parts exhibitions every year, and also makes many enterprises have the problem of cooperation.