Problems of automobile parts market

1. The ability of independent development is weak, and the lack of famous brand products has basically formed a complete system for domestic automobile, but the products of auto parts enterprises converge, the scale is small, and the anti-risk ability is low. Enterprises generally lack the ability to develop independently, and the vast majority of R & D investment accounts for only about 1.4% of sales revenue, which is far below the average level of 5% of multinational corporations. In this case, many enterprises fail to seize the opportunity of parts exhibition for technology exchange, resulting in the timely development of advanced technology even if there is advanced technology.


2. The scale of enterprises is small and the degree of specialization is low. At present, there are tens of thousands of auto parts enterprises in China, but few of them meet the requirements of economic scale. The proportion of large enterprises is less than 1%, and the proportion of large and medium-sized enterprises is less than 15%. On the whole, the situation of "weak, small, scattered" has not been fundamentally improved. Because of the dispersion of power, it is difficult to reflect the overall advantages. Most enterprises do not enter the whole vehicle supporting market, but only a single supplier of social maintenance service accessories.


Therefore, although the domestic parts industry has broad prospects, the problems are still worrisome. If these problems are not solved, the domestic parts industry will still not be able to surpass foreign countries, and it will still be unable to occupy the mainstream of the international market. If major enterprises can make good use of the platform of parts exhibition, I believe that the domestic parts industry will develop more prosperous.