Present Situation of 3D Printing Technology in Metal Parts Manufacturing

The 3D printing, also known as "material addition manufacturing", is a kind of manufacturing technology, which includes a wide range of raw material applications and material addition process methods from connotation to extension. In the past 30 years, a large number of scholars at home and abroad have combined the material adding technology with the digital manufacturing technology, and have further deepened the basic theory system. The 3D printing has really developed into a kind of technology category that can be applied industrially, and the new application of 3D printing technology can be found at the annual parts manufacturing exhibition.


Metal parts are the largest and most widely used product types in the industrial system. With the acceleration of the process of "industrial 4.0", the demand of rapid development, customized manufacturing, lightweight and so on is facing urgent pressure. However, 3D printing technology has the characteristics of high degree of freedom, wide range of materials, excellent performance of parts and few manufacturing links, which is in good agreement with the future development trend of metal parts and components, and has begun to enter the practical stage.


At present, 3D printing technology is not entirely used in the manufacturing field of metal parts in a single technology application. It is classified according to its role in forming metal parts. The multi-mode application mode effectively takes into account the manufacturing cost and use value of metal parts products, and expands the application space of 3D printing technology in the industrial field, so that more entrepreneurs smell the wide market of 3D printing technology. Every year, many entrepreneurs come to inspect the part manufacturing exhibition, and more and more enterprises want to enter the 3D printing industry.