Present situation and development trend of hydraulic transmission

In modern times, "hydraulic" is a technology between electronic and mechanical technology, because its movement is based on electronic control and mechanical action process. The combination of transmission and control is the inevitable result of the development of hydraulic technology. Hydraulic technology is developed in the competition with its related technologies and alternative technologies. Because of the convenient operation and high degree of automation of hydraulic transmission, it has been welcomed by the majority of enterprises as soon as it is listed, and the annual hydraulic transmission exhibition has also attracted the active participation of major enterprises.


It can be said that electrical transmission and mechanical transmission are not only competing with hydraulic technology, but also the development and perfection of technology. For example, in the wood-based panel industry, every enterprise will regularly maintain or carry out technical reform of hydraulic equipment system, which is the process of continuous improvement and integration of new technology, so that it can achieve the best results.


At present, hydraulic equipment technology mainly plays an irreplaceable role in the following fields, including the need for high power transmission, the requirement of high power to weight ratio and the need for high dynamic response. This paper expounds the present situation of hydraulic technology from the aspects of hydraulic components, system integration and control, sealing technology and so on. The future development of hydraulic equipment technology should mainly rely on the improvement and expansion of existing technology, constantly expand its application field to meet the requirements of the future, and adhere to the road of sustainable development strategy.


With the application of electronic technology, computing and technology, information technology, automatic control technology and new technology, the development and application of new materials, hydraulic transmission technology is also constantly innovative. Professional and technical personnel continue to discover the new application of hydraulic transmission technology, so the hydraulic transmission exhibition is more like a large technical display platform, where amazing new technologies and applications can be seen here every year.


Now hydraulic transmission technology has become an indispensable and important technology for industrial machinery, construction machinery and national defense cutting-edge products.  When many hydraulic transmission technicians participate in the hydraulic transmission exhibition, they can find new inspiration, and enterprises can also introduce more advanced hydraulic transmission technology. I believe that in this atmosphere, the domestic hydraulic transmission industry will develop better and better.