Main problems of automobile parts market

At present, China's automobile industry is in a critical period of rapid development, and the automobile industry is new-wheel car buying boom. A number of automobile factory car company sales continue to grow at a high speed, driven by the popularity of the automobile market, clutch, car chassis, automobile front and rear axle and auto parts manufacturing and processing, automobile modification, automobile repair and other related industries show a rapid development trend. The development of automobile industry has brought great opportunities for the development of auto parts industry, and all kinds of parts and components show in endlessly in China.


Driven by the rapid development of the automobile industry, auto parts have developed rapidly in recent years, but it should also be noted that the position of Chinese auto parts in the global supply chain is still very fragile. At the same time, while many development opportunities, the lag problem of parts and components development is becoming increasingly prominent, and the endless parts exhibition has not played its due role, leaving only one form, but it did not promote the development of domestic parts and components industry.


The industrial structure is unreasonable. At present, Chinese auto parts enterprises are still at a lower level as a whole. Tens of thousands of auto parts enterprises are all over the country, but few of them really meet the scale requirements. Due to the dispersion of power, it is difficult to reflect the overall advantages, resulting in less investment in product development, backward means, less data accumulation, unable to form a strong development ability, and difficult to meet the needs of mass procurement by foreign businessmen. Although many enterprises participate in the annual parts exhibition, they are not combined.