Development trend of automobile parts market

According to the subdivision parts, among the traditional automobile parts, the domestic enterprises have made some breakthroughs in gearboxes and engines, but they still lag far behind the foreign enterprises in the fields of automobile electronics and so on. The power battery, motor and electronic control of new energy vehicles are relatively closed because of policy protection, and domestic enterprises have certain advantages. For investors, judging whether to enter the core supply chain of mainstream mainframe factories is the main means to identify parts and components enterprises.


China's spare parts industry forms six major industrial clusters with the whole car factory as the core: northeast industrial cluster, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial cluster, Yangtze River Delta industrial cluster, central (Hubei, Anhui, Hunan) industrial cluster, southwest (Chongqing, Sichuan) industrial cluster and Pearl River Delta industrial cluster. The six major industrial clusters account for more than 80% of the main business income of the national spare parts industry, and most of the annual parts exhibitions are held in these areas. It can attract enterprises from all over the country to participate in recent years, with the rise of China's parts industry, many foreign technical personnel are also willing to come here to communicate and exchange.


At present, auto parts market acquisition is active, and this trend is expected to continue and industry concentration is expected to increase. At the same time, ''electrification, intelligence, network connection, light weight'' accelerates, providing opportunities for domestic parts enterprises to pass the curve, but the innovation of parts industry cannot only be carried out in individual enterprises, and the overall innovation can truly promote the innovation of domestic parts industry. Therefore, the annual part exhibition can not only see advanced technology, but also learn new industrial innovation mode, and each major parts enterprises mutually beneficial benefits and jointly promote the development of domestic parts industry.