Development Trend of 3D Printing Technology in Metal Parts Manufacturing

For some metal parts products which are difficult to form and have high performance requirements and special working conditions, they usually have high technical cost value. At present, they have begun to be developed and produced by 3D printing direct manufacturing. Thanks to the cooperative progress of precision NC machining technology, laser technology and high speed vibrating mirror technology, metal parts with complex shape and high performance can be produced directly according to the design of 3D drawings by using laser, electron beam, arc and other high energy beams to melt metal powder and wire rod.


The 3D printing has been widely used in the extreme lightweight and high reliability components of high-end equipment such as aviation and spaceflight. In addition, with the continuous expansion of metal powder grade, the continuous expansion of specifications and the continuous reduction of the price of equipment core devices, the application cost of 3D printing technology for direct manufacturing of metal parts is approaching a reasonable range.


Compared with the traditional metal parts forming technology such as casting, forging, welding and mechanical cutting, the application of 3D printing technology in industrial field is still short. Although many enterprises and technicians have realized the value of 3D printing technology, more ordinary people do not know much about 3D printing technology, so the parts manufacturing exhibition also provides more ordinary people with a platform to understand 3D printing technology. It is beneficial to the further development of 3D printing technology in China.