Resolvent of worm reducer

(1) Ensuring assembly quality. In order to ensure the quality of assembly, the factory purchased and made some special tools. When disassembling and installing reducer worm gear, worm, bearing, gear and other parts, trying to avoid using hammer and other tools to knock directly. When replacing gear, worm wheel and worm, trying to choose the original parts and pair replacement. When assembling output shaft, paying attention to the public. At the same time, anti-sticking agent or red oil should be used to protect the hollow shaft, prevent wear and rust, prevent the scale of the matching area, and difficult to disassemble during maintenance.

(2) Selection of lubricants and additives. The worm gear reducer generally chooses 220# gear oil. For some heavy loads, frequent start-up and worse environment reducers, the factory also chooses some lubricant additives. When the reducer stops running, the gear oil is still attached to the gear surface, forming a protective film to prevent heavy loads, low speed, high torque and starting metal. Additives also contain seal ring regulators and leak-proof agents to keep the seal ring soft and elastic, effectively reducing the phenomenon of lubricant leakage.

(3) The location of reducer installation. In case of location, trying not to use vertical installation as far as possible. When installed vertically, the amount of lubricant added is much more than that installed horizontally, which can easily cause heat and oil leakage of the reducer. Some of the 40,000 bottles /'pure draft beer production lines imported by the factory are installed vertically. After a period of operation, transmission pinion gears are worn and even damaged. After adjustment, the situation has been greatly improved.

(4) Establishing a corresponding lubrication maintenance system. According to the principle of "Five Determinants" in lubrication work, the factory maintains the reducer, so that every reducer has the responsibility to check regularly. When the oil temperature rises significantly, the temperature rises more than 40 degrees C or the oil temperature exceeds 80 degrees C, the quality of the oil decreases or more copper powder and abnormal noise are found in the oil. It is necessary to immediately stop using timely maintenance, troubleshooting, and replace lubricating oil after use. When refueling, paying attention to the consistency of the oil quantity and installation position, and ensuring that the reducer is properly lubricated.

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