The other combination of hydraulic valve body in the mainstream of civil field

1. Chain integration of hydraulic valves

The chain integration of hydraulic control devices is very similar to block integration. It consists of a control valve in the hydraulic system and its connecting accessories (valve blocks, connecting blocks, diaphragms and end plates, etc.). Only one standard plate hydraulic valve or a combination superposition hydraulic valve is installed on each valve block. Depending on the oil passage and the auxiliary parts in the valve block, the entire hydraulic valve and the oil circuit are connected. A hydraulic control device that is linked to a chain and linked together into an integrated block.

2. Superposition valve integration of hydraulic valves

The Superposition valve is a new component developed on the basis of integrated block and integrated board. When the valve is used to form a hydraulic system, no additional connecting parts are needed, and the valve body itself is used as the connecting body to directly overlap and form the required hydraulic transmission system.

There is little difference between Superposition valve and general valve in working principle, but it has its own characteristics in concrete structure and connection mode, so it has its own series. Each Superposition valve acts as a control element and acts as a channel body. The position and quantity of the main oil path of the Superposition valve of each size path are the same as that of the corresponding main diameter reversing valve. Therefore, the same size series of superposition valves can be superimposed to form different systems, usually a system (command and control an executive component) can be superimposed. In a stack system, the main reversing valve (the main reversing valve is not a stack valve, it is a standard plate element) is installed at the top, and the bottom plate used to connect with the executing parts is placed at the bottom. The stacking valves are located between the main reversing stack and the bottom plate, the order of which depends on the action requirements of the system.

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