Risperling: better provide efficient service to local market

At this PTC exhibition, Formosa has exhibited some special spring materials in the fields of power, fluid and transmission, such as high temperature spring, corrosion resistant spring and so on, as well as various types of conventional spring and special-shaped spring samples. At the exhibition site, the company's professional engineers to the audience a detailed introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of various springs and different uses.

Zhu Zhujun, general manager of the company, said: "Spring, as an energy storage device, is an indispensable product in the industrial field and is widely used. With the further development of industry and the promotion and development of intelligent manufacturing, the market prospect of spring is further expanded, especially in the field of high-end spring. Some types of customers, such as variety, high demand, need design support and so on, will find a suitable solution in our company to solve their spring problems. "

Zhu General said that spring belongs to the technical industry and is not labor-intensive. Although the general environment of the current intelligent manufacturing industry has been affected somewhat, for the spring industry, with the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the strong support of the government for intelligent manufacturing, Their products will expand to new markets as mechanical unit parts.

"with the development of industrial integration, the grand blueprint of industry 4.0 is becoming clear day by day, and the characteristics of digitization and networking have been put into practice in intelligent manufacturing in many industries. In order to better serve our customers, in addition to Suzhou factory, we have set up factory and Singapore office in Tianjin this year. "in the near future, we will have more layouts and plans to open more offices to better serve the local market more efficiently." Zhu said.

Transmission Exhibition opened. I am looking forward to your arrival.