Smalley: manufacturer of High performance Rings and Waveform Springs

Smalley has more than 50 years of experience and customers all over the world. They have been named best suppliers by GM for six consecutive years and have worked with healthcare giants such as Johnson for years. Ms. Zhang Guoxiu, General Manager of Tianjin Smalley Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview at this PTC exhibition: "unlike the rings and springs for metal grain stamping, our proprietary edge winding, its crystal processing technology makes the products have high strength. Strong stability, functional excellence, predictability and other characteristics. Under the same vertical condition, our waveform spring can be 50% lower than the standard circular spring To achieve the goal of saving space. " In addition, Smiley's No-Tooling-CostTM (Mould Free cost) manufacturing process can not only respond to rapid production requirements, but also ensure the stability and consistency of different batches of products.

"Smalley's product line includes more than 10000 standard inventory parts, in addition to our ability to meet our customers' demand for specially designed products according to their specific sizes and requirements," Zhang said. "if our customers are running short of time, our No-Tooling-CostTM will be able to take advantage of the rapid prototyping and economical production." Smalley has always been a leader in the introduction of advanced products and will continue to be in the forefront of future innovation. "At Smalley, we are looking for different ways of doing business," Zhang said. Our brand and culture represent quality, integrity, Accuracy and stability. In Smalley, we are passionate about providing services to customers and their businesses. We are always committed to bringing ideal solutions to our customers. "

It was Smalley's second time at the PTC, and Ms. Zhang was quite pleased with the results: "it was only the second day of the show, but we felt it was quite a success." Yesterday, many customers came to Smiley's booth and showed great interest and purchasing intention in our products. In the future, we will continue to return our customers' trust and support with stable and high quality products and professional and efficient services. "

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