Wen Tianchang: 17 processes to create clean and high-precision hydraulic parts(2)

It is understood that Wen Tianchang all use high-end imported equipment, which has the first safeguard in production equipment, because hydraulic products themselves are high precision products, which also ensures the reliability of products. In addition, they also have very high requirements in after-sales personnel training, each action needs to be strictly tested, and set a standard.

Wen stressed: "Wen Tianchang has always adhered to high quality and service." In particular, we bring additional value to our users with our technical solutions. Through years of accumulation of industry processes and key technologies, we guide our customers' needs and participate in the planning, design and implementation of the programs throughout. At the same time reduce the cost of future invisible projects expansion. "

2017 is a critical year for strengthening the layout for Wen Tianchang. In view of the remarkable characteristics of China's manufacturing regional economy, Wen Tianchang has set up offices in Chongqing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jiangmen, Hunan and Changzhou. "We invested 100 million yuan to build a 10, 000-square-meter plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu, and the second phase is now in operation. Machinery and equipment all purchased high-end import brand. Especially, based on the advance of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0, the new factory adopts flexible intelligent production line, which can realize automatic production and inspection. The commissioning of the new plant marks Wen Tianchang To a new mileage. The innovation of new technology and leading, certainly drive the whole industry to develop upward. " Wen general said.

In recent years, Wen Tianchang's annual business growth is more than 20. Looking forward to the future, Wen believes that in the process of intelligent manufacturing upgrading with the core goal of improving cost efficiency, more and more Chinese users will gradually feel the value increase that Wen Tianchang brings to them.

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