Wen Tianchang: 17 processes to create clean and high-precision hydraulic parts(1)

Hydraulic parts as the core of precision manufacturing products, the market is broad, and the current high-end market is still occupied by foreign brands. As domestic enterprises gradually mature in terms of technology and technology, seize the opportunity, downstream industries continue to boom, relevant advantage manufacturers will be able to achieve a dual breakthrough in high-end product technology and market. In order to share the dividend brought by the increasing demand of domestic market, Wen Tianchang is one of a group of excellent enterprises that grew up in the period of rapid development of China's hydraulic industry.

In this PTC exhibition, Wen Tianchang with its patented product, "Titanium" brand valve plate and valve appearance, attracted a lot of professional viewers and manufacturers to consult. According to Mr. Wen Jie, general manager of the company, WenTianchang was founded in 2000, and now has passed 18 years. The products cover oil plate, cooscoo cartridge valve, hydraulic servo system. "our products are widely used in construction machinery, machine tools, iron and steel, metallurgy, die-casting machines, injection molding machines, extruders, hydraulic presses, ejectors, truncators, special machines, as well as test equipment, petroleum equipment, vehicles, geological mining, etc.”

As the main component of pneumatic and hydraulic fluid system, valve plate plays a very important role in the system, the key is how to ensure the stability of fluid system in quality. Wen Tianchang grasped this key point and found a breakthrough in technology. Wen general told us that cleanliness and machining accuracy are especially critical to the valve plate. The products of Wen Tianchang are all guaranteed by 17 processing processes to ensure its cleanliness and precision. "moreover, there is a double test standard for each process. For example, from the entry of raw materials to the inspection of suppliers, we strictly control and select layers of raw materials, because raw materials are the first step to ensure the quality of products. In The library will also carry out a variety of strict testing and processing. "

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