INTORQ (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

INTORQ is a leading professional brake, clutch brand in Europe, headquartered in Erzen, Germany. It has set up branches and factories in Shanghai, Atlanta and Pune, India respectively, dedicated to providing high quality products to customers. Global sales and fast reliable services.

Products can be used in wind power, elevators, lifting equipment, forklift, servo motor and other fields, and according to customer's different needs, timely development of the best solution for customers.

As a professional brake and clutch manufacturer, the Brake has made great progress in wind power generation, elevator, forklift, servo motor, lifting equipment and other applications.

The pace of innovation will never stop, INTORQ has successfully introduced the new product BFK464-R into the Chinese market this year, this proven technology and high-performance design not only improve the performance of the product, but also bring cost advantages to customers.

Mechanical parts Exhibition opened. I am looking forward to your arrival.