Xingming hydraulic pressure: "small" products and "big" effect high performance-price ratio win market competitiveness

Ningbo Xingming hydraulic equipment Co., Ltd. has participated in the PTC exhibition for more than ten years. Its products involve various fields of hydraulic system and are used in the hydraulic and fluid systems of industrial machinery, marine ships, aerospace military and other industries.

Xingming hydraulic assembly workshop introduced a series of Finnish FINN.POWER press equipment and Germany imported testing center, in the production process from pipe cutting, stripping, buckling to pressure testing, washing the whole assembly line, Each tubing was strictly tested when it left the factory. At this PTC exhibition, the products brought about by Xingming hydraulic pressure are manufactured with new processing technology after the introduction of new equipment. If the inner hole is pierced with a gun drill, the finish of the product will be higher, and the fluid resistance between the product and the hydraulic oil can be reduced. To make the application of the tubing more accurate mechanical equipment. The price of the upgraded product and previous standards The product is still the same, so it has a higher cost-performance ratio.

"Our products, small as they are, are at the heart of the equipment." Mr. Ouyang Minfeng said, "the PTC exhibition is very professional, and there are more professional audiences in the direct subdivision field. We are adhering to the concept of 'returning customers with first-class services'." For Xingming hydraulic old customers to provide some after-sales services. " Xingming hydraulic business has been very stable, in addition to the maintenance of old customers, in the face of fierce market competition, the future development of new markets is also urgent.

I am looking forward to visiting Mechanical parts Exhibition.